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    Welcome to EBRAMJEE

The Ebramjee family first set foot in Mauritius in the late nineteenth century and the business was born later thanks to the efforts of Abdool-Hussain Ebramjee and Goolam-Hussain Ebramjee.

From its humble beginnings as an importer and wholesaler of foodstuff in the pre-war period, the company lived through some of the country’s historical turning points and in 1982 a gradual shift started, from foodstuff towards building material. Set in this direction, the company was well positioned to satisfy the market's growing demands.Under a new, younger management Ebramjee became an innovator and adopted a vanguard attitude as it introduced new, high-end products to an increasingly quality-conscious Mauritian market while still listing competitive prices.

We started our business with an aim to provide the best quality hardware products to our customers. Today, after  30 years  of working Ebramjee stands tall as one of the leading players in the industry and as the preferential supplier of a range of products for styling homes, offices, hotels, hospitals etc. Ebramjee has regularly upgraded and improved its technology which has always resulted in better quality products on continuous basis. Ebramjee is a global leader that has been helping customers with its high quality hardware products since it launched its first product in 1982. Our long term relationships with our customers enable us to reach a diverse range of home décor products.

We also offer a wide variety of products suited for homes, hotels, commercial buildings and more. Our range covers handles, locks (standard as well as high security locks), furniture fittings, sanitary fittings and bathroom accessories, waterproofing and surface treatment and the exclusive wrought iron range.We continue to evolve with our clients’ needs and with decades of experience, we still stand by our engagement to never compromise our product quality and service.

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